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Would you like to have more time to

focus on the part of your job you love ?

Let me take care of office tasks that are consuming time you’d rather be using elsewhere!

Whether it's organizing client information, replying to initial inquiry emails, or keeping your website up-to-date, I'm here to help! As wedding venue owner for several years, I know there are office tasks that can take up a lot of your time, time you could be using to do the “real work”.


The beauty of having a virtual assistant is that you are still in control! Packages are customizable allowing you to be as involved as you'd like, continue doing the tasks you enjoy, and get help with the rest!


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Why Partner with Me?

I know, it can be scary giving up control and trusting someone else to get things done! (And do it well, right?) In case we haven’t had the privilege of meeting in person, let me fill you in a little on my background as a wedding professional!


My family started our business, Encore Events, in 2014. I coordinated events and weddings for a few years before we decided we needed a place to call home. In 2016, we opened Starlit Heights, a wedding and event venue. I graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a degree in Business Marketing. Why is this important? (Besides the fact that I love the beach?) Because I’ve used my marketing education often in promoting our venue and services.

In addition to running the venue, I have coordinated and decorated for many clients over the years, allowing me to work more closely with them and other vendors. Because of my several years in the wedding field, I can offer my experience working specifically with wedding couples and fellow vendors.


Absolute Discretion, Guaranteed!

Let's talk about a major concern: virtual assistants are privy to a lot of sensitive information. It can be hard to trust important information with someone outside of your business, yes? Of course!


With a experience in finance and the medical field as well as owning my own business, I appreciate the importance of the keeping personal and business information private. To sum up our privacy policy, ANY information I am privy to stays between you and me. Your client information and your business information is guaranteed safe. I take your business as seriously as you do, so to ease concerns, I am happy to supply references upon request in addition to our privacy policy. I am also available to meet and chat face-to-face! 

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What Does a Partnership

with Me Look Like?

I am here to help your business succeed! I know from experience that entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, especially when EVERYthing falls on you! I’m here for support, whatever that looks like for you. Any business and client information I have access to will all be kept strictly confidential.


Here's the great thing about partnering with a virtual assistant: You may only need a few hours of help each week, not really enough to require hiring an employee, right? But as a Virtual Assistant specializing in helping wedding professionals, I can serve a several vendors at once, allowing each one to only pay for the help they really need!


  • Develop marketing emails

  • Develop follow up plan

  • Manage essential lead information

  • Send reminders to potential client for meetings

Leads Management

  • Develop proposals/quotes

  • Send reminders/information prior to meetings

  • Proofread/update contracts for new clients

  • Develop/update/proofread forms and worksheets

  • Request reviews

Client Management

Wedding Photography
  • Manage information of connections

  • Help with promotional items for networking meetings

  • Send cards/gifts on your behalf

Network Relationships

Conference Break Time
  • Develop proposals/quotes

  • Send reminders/information prior to meetings

  • Proofread/update contracts for new clients

  • Develop/update/proofread forms and worksheets

  • Request reviews

Email Management

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  • Schedule appointments with clients and potential clients

  • Send reminders about upcoming events and important dates

  • Clear calendar and notify appointments in case of emergencies

  • Develop itineraries

Calendar Management

Planning a Wedding
  • Create posts or proofread yours before making public

  • Schedule posts

  • Keep profiles up to date with most current information

  • Create ads or proofread yours before making public

Social Media Management

Zooming on Tablet
  • Update your current website with photos and copy
    OR develop a website with recent photos, copy, and information

  • Maintain website with up-to-date information and photos

  • Write copy or proofread copy you’ve written

Website Management

Table setup with devices
  • Bridal Show Preparation

  • Proofread blog and publication submissions

  • Light bookkeeping

  • Assist with planning events for networking, customer appreciation, etc.

Additional Services

Decorating Wedding Table

Next Steps

Interested? Let's Chat!

1. Fill out this form or contact me directly at 859-229-6490 (call/text) or


2. Set up a meeting. If you're local, I'd love to meet up for coffee and chat about your where you'd like a little extra help! If you're not local or super busy, we can set up a phone call, virtual meeting, or chat via email/text!

2. After getting an idea of the areas in which you'd like support, I'll put together a quote and send it to you to approve or adjust as you'd like.

3. Once the quote is approved, we'll sign an agreement and get started growing your business! 

I'm looking forward to working with you!

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